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Issues to Be Addressed

The Group considers the following to be important issues for management.

(1) Anticipating new customer needs for human resources

In order to achieve sustainable growth, in addition to maintaining existing customers it is necessary to draw out the new needs of corporate customers and to continuously open up new projects.
For this reason, with regard to opening, combining or withdrawing from sales locations, the Group makes it a principle to make decisions rapidly and flexibly. In addition, we research industries in which needs for human resources are high, and focus on making approaches to important companies. By holding multiple projects at any one time, the Company not only increases the number of active workers and the utilization rate, but is also able to shift engineers and technicians to employers with higher rates that better suit their careers or provide opportunities to improve skills.

(2) Improving the accuracy of matching the needs for human resources at corporate customers to those wishing to find work

In a hiring environment that is becoming more challenging as the jobs-to-applicants ratio rises, the Group is increasing its point of contact with those wishing to find work, and believes that for the purposes of matching it is vital to properly understand the skills of the job seeker and to have an accurate understanding of the details of the customer business. Those in charge of hiring at each location work closely with the respective people in charge of sales to form an accurate picture of the kind of worker that the corporate customer desires, and to carry out the matching process in a timely fashion. In addition, by sharing information on orders received and on job seekers throughout the Company, we work to improve the accuracy of our matching process still further.

(3) Supporting employee skill upgrades, and promoting better workplace environments

"People" are at the center of the Group's business, and we regard our focus on supporting the upgrading of skills by individual engineers and technicians, and the improvement of workplace environments to be very important.
At each location, we offer not only labor management, but also support for obtaining qualifications, and a systematic program of guidance and training for upgrading skills through specialist departments.
Furthermore, we work with the appropriate personnel on the corporate customer side to draw up and evaluate plans for improving skills for engineers and technicians, so as to motivate them by providing shared objectives.

(4) Expanding business field and target region

The Group, while maintaining the original machinery/electrical fields and manufacturing fields as the core business, is striving to expand into the rapidly growing areas of IoT and AI. At the same time it is also taking initiatives to expand into the global worker dispatch undertakings market, which has a value of roughly ¥40 trillion, concentrated primarily in the developed countries of Europe and the US.

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