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Trust Tech, with compliance as the basic principle,
introduces engineers with technical capabilities, communication abilities and can contribute immediately.

The Basics of Business Structure

The human resources service industry matches the needs of companies and individuals, and plays a coordinating role between both parties, to make adjustments. There are mainly two types: dispatching and subcontracting. The dispatch business is where workers carry out work with instructions by the client company they are placed in. The subcontract business is a team organized with only the employees of the subcontract business operator, and the team subcontracts projects. . Trust Tech conducts business in both the dispatch and subcontract types, in some cases we meet the needs of a wide range of customers before conducting recruiting.


Engineer Dispatch

Trust Tech engineers work full time at the client side, and work under the supervision and instructions of the client side manager.


Operation subcontract in the entire development process

Subcontracting business that promises the completion of the task; there is no instruction relationship between the manufacturer and our engineers. To complete the project as a team, not just technology but management capabilities such as quality, and the schedule of delivery will be necessary as well.

Development process Outsourcing

Development subcontract of development work relating with a portion of a product or manufacturing process for a manufacturer. The work is held at Trust Tech's development center. Higher development capability than outsourced contract will be required.

Trust Tech Dispatch Service

In recent years, for Japanese manufacturing companies and research institutions, the absolute lack of engineers and frequent changing of jobs between skilled engineers have become a major challenge. Trust Tech, with compliance as our basic principle, provides the appropriate engineer to be dispatched to client companies.

01. Engineers are all Full-time Employees

At Trust Tech, the engineers are employed as full time employees. By providing an environment in which work is possible with a peace of mind, foster human resource who has high skills and comply with business compliance.

02. Reducing Mismatches

With Empoyment placement dispatching, before employment is established during the dispatch period, the client company can identify the proper skills of the candidate. This reduces mismatching that may occur due to differences in work and skills after the employee is hired full time, allowing the client company to secure human resources efficiently.

03. Mitigation of Hiring Expenses

With our company’s know-how of constantly employing engineers, the customer will be able to make reductions on hiring cost but reduce labor cost and time cost for preparation, decision-making, hiring method, selection method, and interviews.

04. Hiring Immediately Effective Worker

The Company has its own know-how to evaluate the appropriateness and skills of engineers, so can provide resources who meets the needs of the customers in a timely manner. Also respond quickly to further mass hiring.

Trust Tech is a “Comprehensive Engineer Organization” where professionals gather

Activity field of engineer

The role that engineers play in the project is indeed wide ranging. From before the product is born, such as research and development, it is wide ranging from designing, development to quality control, and after the product reaches the consumer. At Trust Tech, we determine, together with the engineer himself and the corporations, the individual skills and what is appropriate, and future directions, so that the employment destination where the individual can exert the most strength is decided on.

Colorful professional engineers at Trust Tech

01. Mechanical engineer

The field is wide-ranging, including familiar household appliances, and automobiles, construction and industrial machinery, transport equipment, and parts and precision equipment that configure these. Involved in the development, design, and manufacture, fragmentation of the role extends to the entire project from data analysis to maintenance, and management of the production line.

02. Electric, electronic engineer

Involved in power equipment and circuit design used in household appliance such as personal computers, cell phones and televisions. We will play a wide range of roles from personal belongings indispensable to lifestyle to semiconductors such as LSI, industrial robots, aircraft, space development and such on a global scale.

03. Information systems engineer

Involved in information technology of computers and network, and is also known as “built-in system". Regardless of the size, whether large or small for AV consumer electronics and communication equipment, and big data, we are engaged in design, development, programming, system construction of electronic devices and software.

04. Chemical system engineer

Research, development and synthesis taking advantage of our chemical knowledge for plastic products and cosmetics, food, to pharmaceuticals, as well as analysis, inspection, up to quality control. We will also participate in cooperation with technical personnel for several fields such as biotechnology, electronics and such.

05. Medical equipment system engineer

With our knowledge and technology of industrial equipment and precision equipment as our axis, we are engaged in research and development of high-performance high-tech medical equipment supporting state-of-the-art medical care, and in services associated with them. In addition, we provide guidance so that doctors, nurses, and health care workers can use it safely, and maintenance and inspection of medical equipment.